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We provide professional services in each of the areas outlined below:

  1. Financial
    1. Budget forecasting and development
    2. Financial statements - monthly or quarterly
    3. Assessment collection & accounts receivable
    4. Accounts payable
    5. Banking

  2. Administrative
    1. Record maintenance
    2. Unit histories
    3. Correspondence
    4. Bid solicitation
    5. Phone logs & follow-up
    6. Management reports
    7. Board meeting attendance

  3. Maintenance
    1. Administration, processing, and follow-up on maintenance requests
    2. Maintenance history records
    3. Supervision of subcontractors
    4. Routine inspection of the grounds & buildings
    5. Emergency intervention
    6. Preventive maintenance scheduling

Our financial statements are prepared using the accrual method of accounting which reports income and expenses as they occur. This method provides a more accurate depiction of the Association's financial position than the cash accounting method.


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